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Affiliate marketing is the most rewarding online marketing and biggest channel that grasps millions of consumers all together. This process is a best way to earn money without investing single penny on anything. You just need to promote other people ‘s product or if you are a merchant then profits by selling the services and goods through affiliates.

Isn’t it great that you are not required any investment for earning money? Of-course it is. No matter who is the trader or vendor, you only need to have a product for sell or a website to post ads and affiliate links.

It basically runs among four parties together with the vendor, the network, the customer who purchases the product and finally the publisher. These four elements altogether bring you with a perfect affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing at its very core is about relationship, a relationship between four parties:



The promoters of the product



The networks managing the affiliates



The creators of the product



The end users of the product

How Affiliate Marketing Work?

Join Affiliate

Find Product

Promote Products

Track Sales

Earn Commissions


Drive Traffic, Generate Leads & Increase Sales Revenue with Better Brand Awareness

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How Digiconnect Does Affiliate Marketing?

We have unsurpassed affiliate marketers who provide the most effective affiliate marketing solution to yield the revenue. Our companies’ goal is to deliver maximum payment to affiliates as well as merchants.

We have world class affiliate marketing tools for earning money or to driving traffic on your website. We are making everything a cakewalk for you and helping you to extend your reach.

With our affiliate network, we give you a chance to reap out your profits by promoting your product and service. Well we are fully focused on providing you the best ROI.

We turn every click into loyal customer base with the most attractive and result oriented advertising. We give equal attention on both the parties, the merchant and the affiliate and reinforce your business by no time. When we handle things on businesses, things become real and fascinating.

Some Common Affiliate Marketing Models We Serve

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The affiliate gets paid for all clicks that were generated, regardless of whether a lead or sale happened. This is fairly rare, since all the risk is on the product creator.

Pay-Per-Lead (PPL)

The affiliate gets paid for every lead they generated. This could be an online form submission, trial creation, or any pre-purchase. This is a shared risk on both the merchant and the affiliate.

Pay-Per-Sale (PPS)

The affiliate gets paid for every sale they generated. This is the most common model, since all the risk is on the affiliate.

Why Digiconnect Is The Best Choice For Affiliate Marketing?

Here in Digiconnect we help you to establish your business and increase your sale chart in respect of rising online revenue. We run best affiliate programs like CPA, CPI, CPC and CPS and everyone would have benefited with these deals.

Affiliate Marketing

What A Merchant Gets If He/She Choose Us?

  • Number of affiliates to promote your product, deals and services
  • Flood gate of traffic that gets converted into customers
  • Awareness of your brand
  • Amazing tracking service
  • Reliable affiliate network and low-cost marketing
What An Affiliate Gets If He/She Choose Us?

What An Affiliate Gets If He/She Choose Us?

  • Tons of attractive offers for promotion
  • On time commission
  • Custom reports & analysis
  • Best technical support