One of the quickest way to get business noticed online is through the Paid marketing. This is true, most of the people goes online to find services and products and what you don’t know is that more that 70% of people says that paid ads make easier to find what they are looking for. After the research we came across that 65% of online searchers hit on the paid ads.

PPC is divided into models that is search and social marketing, both are having their own benefits and format to advertise. There are many paid marketing platforms which we are capturing which include Google Ads, Yahoo Ads & Bing Ads for search engine and Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads etc for social media platforms.


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Over the years, our team has spent millions in Adwords, Bing, and social media. But more importantly, we’ve earned millions more for our clients in the form of leads and sales.

Google Ad Words

Google Ad Words

This is one of the best powerful online advertisement program which help business to reach quality customers all around the globe. This platforms gives complete information for auction, bidding process, CPC and quality score.

Why Google Ad Word?

  • Google receives 5.6 billion searches per day.
  • Average CTR on google is 3.16%
  • 70% of the mobile searches call a business from google search only.
  • Around 300,000 mobile applications currently serving google mobile ads.

There are different ad formats to choose from. One can run simple, yet very specific text ads, banner ads, or take advantage of the internet’s multimedia capabilities with video ads.

Bing Advertisement

This is true that google is the leader in the search engine but, Bing ads stills accounts for a larger market sales. If company runs ads only on google this means that they are missing roughly 17% of the market.

Why Choose Bing Advertisement

  • It has the partnership with Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo etc.
  • 85% of the people uses Bing in US
  • Competition is less, so useful for the smaller startups who wish for first page SERP in the tight budget.
Bing Advertisement
Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

This mode of paid marketing allows business to reach maximum audience targeting by gender, location, age, language and many other filters. Almost every business get benefited with this but they don't know which network and how much they invest in - Facebook, twitter, Instagram, linked etc. Digi connect social media marketing services get rid away all the complexity.

Reasons to Choose Social Media Campaign

  • It is noted that 80% of the engagement on Facebook post happens in the first 5 hours.
  • More than 2 people sign up on LinkedIn in every second
  • 23% of the teenagers consider Instagram as the most favorite social media application
  • Nearly 400 million snaps sent per day.
  • 500 million tweets done in one day.
  • On Pinterest 50% men and 84% women stays active.


The goal of Remarketing Company is to increase the revenue for the business. This is the most powerful weapon in case of advertisement because it is the way to get back in front of potential customers who visited the site once but didn’t convert.

Digiconnect Services

  • Website Click Increase
  • By increasing website conversion
  • Decreasing CPC
  • Increasing overall awareness

 4 Keys to Success Remarketing Services

  1. Select the Best Ad Type
  2. Target the Best Audience
  3. Optimize Frequency and Duration
  4. Improve Performance
Digiconnect remarketing services
Youtube Advertisement

Youtube Advertisement

Do you know? YouTube reaches 30 millions user per day so skyrocket your sales with us through the right plan. This become second largest search engine after google. One can target their potential customers by location, behavior, demographic and interests. According to research 78.8% of marketers see YouTube as the most effective video marketing platform.

Our Youtube Marketing Services Includes

  • Launch a new product
  • Increase the brand awareness
  • Promote the video
  • Raise the online sales

In YouTube Marketing There Are Number Of Options You Can Choose From

In Stream Video Ads

These ads are cheap than other ads. In this business can choose from between skipable and non-skipable. Average costing is $ 0.04 per view.


Ads are promoted next to the YT Videos, & are not played automatically. Google charge from the Adword when user click on the thumbnail.

Popular Posts

These are almost similar to google text ads. These ads are not in the form of video, and they only shown in videos.

Bottom Line:

We work with some pretty great clients, for whom we’ve done everything from strategy to full scale digital campaigns.

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